Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Changes. I have moved!

I’m still here, only the name has changed.

We started out as Marijke&Sander about our life in The Netherlands, set up for our year of traveling overseas.
Now 8 years further, it has become about so much more. Forever spelling our names!
3 years ago the name of the blog changed to Amongst Gumtrees with the move to our new house.
The change of the link is just there to make it easier to find us.

Nothing else has changed, all the old posts are still there. Check it out.

Sorry for the inconvenience, having to change bookmarks and such...
Just think of the upside, I’m here to stay, it took me some pondering to be honest.
I’m hoping to take this blog a bit more seriously, more consistent posts.

See you there!